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Stage lighting and sound equipment

How much do you know about common lights and lighting in weddings?
The lights in weddings are now divided according to function, they are divided into "character light" and "ambient light". The most important thing in a wedding is "character light". After we ensure the light of the characters, we will consider "ambient light".
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Bar lighting design
When it comes to bars, we must think of all kinds of colorful, blinding lights.
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Light gives life and soul to space
When you can use and control the lighting perfectly, use light as a pen, and outline a texture space with appropriate shades. Are you afraid that your home will not be fashionable?
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Eight rules of lighting design
This is ontology, which concerns the essence of reality, and reflects the inseparability of matter, space and time at this time.
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Dry goods 丨 Stage lighting design considerations
Stage lighting is one of the means of dancing beauty modeling. Through the use of certain technological means, according to the development of different plots, and under the mapping of different stage lights, it can play a role in highlighting the psychological changes of characters or rendering the atmosphere.
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Technology | What to pay attention to in outdoor performance lighting design
[China Performing Arts Technology Network News] The rapid development of high-tech technology has effectively promoted the upgrading of performing arts lighting equipment.
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Several types of lights commonly used in weddings
Whether outdoors or indoors, at the wedding scene, floral and lighting are always the closest partners.
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Comparison of domestic and foreign stage lighting technology and application
Compared with the international advanced level, the technology and application of Chinese performing arts lighting are uneven.
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