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Guangzhou ZDGL lighting audio equipment co. LTD

Guangzhou ZDGL lighting audio equipment co. LTD

Guangzhou ZDGL lighting audio equipment co. LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and production of stage lighting equipment. The company's main products are: computer moving head lights, beam lights, dyeing lights, effect lights, laser lights, lighting control systems And related.


After many years of intensive management, today our company has been widely used in various fields at home and abroad with advanced technology, excellent quality, stable performance and first-class service, and has been well received by people from all walks of life at home and abroad. The preferred brand for cultural evenings, song and dance theaters, TV stations, bar clubs, wedding celebrations, etc., and also undertake OEM business for world-renowned brands.

We professionally undertake the lighting and sound engineering of theaters, performing arts halls, song and dance halls, bars, KTV and other entertainment venues. We hope to establish good cooperation with all circles at home and abroad.


Product R & D and Innovation

Gain recognition and trust from partners

The company always regards scientific and technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, and strives to develop safe, novel, and advanced energy-saving performance equipment for the market, and meets the needs of customers with excellent product quality and excellent service. The company has a team of more than one hundred senior R & D elites at home and abroad, and has accumulated and mastered the design and development, prototype production, automated production, project management, experimental specifications, quality control standards, etc. in the production process of professional stage lighting and audio and supporting equipment and core components. Series of experiences and ideas. Continue to innovate, successfully create a leader in the professional stage lighting and sound industry, and lead the domestic and international fashion trends!

Marketing and Services

High quality and perfect service to open up the global market

The introduction of automated robotic arms, automated production lines, automated SMT equipment, precision CNC numerical control punches, automated laser cutting, automated plug-in machines, automated placement machines and other advanced equipment, the company continues to leapfrog efficiency with the concept of excellence in production. The company successfully passed the ISO9001: 2015 standard, and adopted vertical integration in production management to improve product competitiveness; it adopted a full-process monitoring quality control system, precision inspection equipment, and cooperated with professionals, aiming at comprehensive zero defects.


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Address: 5th Floor, Building D, 125 Dagang East Street, Shijing Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Fax:+86 20-36372312


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