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LED Series
18 par lights
Zhengda Optoelectronics' 18 par lights are small and light, with powerful light output, energy saving and environmental protection. Matching 18 20W RGBW LED lamp beads; equipped with linear focusing system, zoom range 10 ° ~ 60 °, stable and uniform color in the dimming range, easily create a dynamic psychedelic world. A variety of speed strobe effects, 0 ~ 100% smooth dimming function, and excellent light output create a strong visual impact for the performance. It can also flexibly shape the uniform and colorful pattern effect, and easily display the wonderful phantom light effect. Uniform color mixing and excellent color reproducibility, can create a colorful stage light and shadow vision, and improve the level of stage performance in all directions. Provide high-quality choices for concerts, bars, parties, road shows and other professional performance venues.
200W focusing par light
18 horse race wall wash lights
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